Game-related resources for players and Storytellers

Resources relevant to All Venues

Mail lists In character (IC) and out of character (OOC) lists for everything. You are only allowed to subscribe to IC lists that your character is part of. E.g. you may only subscribe to the Ventrue list if you play a Ventrue.  You may only subscribe to the Heirarch list if your character is a Heirarch etc.  Joining these lists is a very good way to become involved in the chronicle going on outside your local game.  Many of the Masquerade lists are linked from the Masquerade page on this website.
DPOM Registry If your character spent time outside your own country, and you are playing Chronicles of Darkness, submit it here.
Character Creation Document DCP Mascarada Worth up to 10 XP for your character
Approvals Database
Approval Questions  Preguntas para Aprobaciones
XP for side scenes
Venue Directories For finding something when you don’t know which book to look in.  The directories are Chronicles of  Darkness only, so not for Masquerade or Apocalypse.
ST report format & schedule
Database Primer Tutorial de la BD del Portal MES

Filled out examples of Character Backgrounds, XP logs and similar documents


By Night System Sheets for Masquerade

Michael Bryan’s all venue sheets for BNS:  Highly recommended by your NST and NC.

Google Version: This will store your sheet online in google drive which makes it very convenient to share with your ST (provided you and your ST are happy with google sheets)
Excel version:

Alternative link (Excel version)

Shimon Klein’s sheet for those who prefer it – this is for VtM only

A Variety of Sheets for Mind’s Eye Theater System

Canadian sheets for all venues
Chronicles of Darkness Generic sheet Works for all sanctioned CoD venues
Requiem character sheets:

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