About us

We are the United Kingdom and Spain branch of the Camarilla Fan Club ™, fans of the World of Darkness as published by White Wolf. We also run a number of LARP games using the Mind’s Eye Theatre system, in continuity with other Member Clubs based in the United States (Mind’s Eye Society), Canada (Canada at Midnight) and Italy.

We welcome new members – including those who would like to start up a Domain of their own.  At present we only have live Domains in the UK, but we welcome members from all over the world, though you should be aware that the primary language of our games remains English and, if your prospective players do not speak English fluently, you will need to provide your own translations.  We have an on-line Domain, Trade Winds for people who live where there are insufficient members to sustain a live game.

If you live in the United States, Canada or Italy you will need to join your National Member Club in order to take part in our chronicle.  If you live anywhere else in the world, you are welcome to join Worldwide Theater Games.   Please see our Contacts page for further details.

We are a Not For Profit Organisation.

Mind’s Eye Theater is  © copyright 2013 and trademarked by White Wolf hf. All rights reserved.